Har Mar Superstar teams up with Julian Casablancas on new album Best Summer Ever

As you can see, Har Mar is ready for the <i>Best Summer Ever</i>

As you can see, Har Mar is ready for the Best Summer Ever

Minnesota's Har Mar Superstar has stood on the edges of the musical mainstream for more than 15 years. Will a record produced by Strokes mastermind Julian Casablancas push him over that edge? We're about to find out with Best Summer Ever, the 38-year-old R&B impresario's just-announced new album.

Best Summer Ever will be out April 8 on Casablancas' label, Cult Records, and features guest vocals from Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The Casablancas-penned lead single,"Youth Without Love," was also released with Thursday's album announcement. Summer will be the first full-length from Har Mar since Bye Bye 17, the sensual oddball's less-jokey 2013 effort that also arrived via Cult. 

The real-life Sean Tillmann's push into the national consciousness has been accelerated lately, what with his strangely charming relationship with Macaulay Culkin and his appearance on Broad City last night making headlines of late. Seems like Best Summer Ever could be the platform that finally launches the bald, portly Timberlake from Owatonna into the hearts of the average American music fan.

The tracklist for Best Summer Ever is below.

1) I Hope
2) Youth Without Love
3) Anybody's Game
4) How Did I Get Through the Day
5) Haircut (Ft. Karen O)
6) It Was Only Dancing (Sex)
7) Don't Erase
8) My Radiator
9) Famous Last Words
10) Confidence