Har Mar Superstar talks movies, head shops on Doug Loves Movies

Har Mar Superstar at the Turf Club in 2013

Har Mar Superstar at the Turf Club in 2013

Comedian and human High Times magazine Doug Benson has a work ethic so out-of-character, you've got to wonder if the man’s ever really inhaled. Even if his whole stoner emeritus gimmick someday proved to be nothing more than middle-school posturing, the hoax would still be worth the success of his regularly-on-the-road Doug Love Movies podcast, which taped a batch of freewheeling movie trivia at the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis last Friday.

As is the case with most of Benson’s road shows, Friday’s panel wasn’t rounded out by his usual Hollywood D-list cronies, but rather a Midwestern batch of D-list hopefuls, the most notable being Minnesota’s own song-and-dance man, Har Mar Superstar.

Har Mar made a more-reserved first appearance on an NYC-taped episode in April, and Minneapolis’ audience goaded more enthusiasm out of him than the Gramercy Theatre’s seen-it-all crowd. In the pre-game banter, he lobs softball cracks at Dinkytown and name-drops the neighborhood headshops — all the usual hometown humor that seems like a waste of time when Benson’s taping in Oklahoma, but ohmigod the funniest shit ever when he’s in your city.

Comedians Graham Elwood, Geoff Tate, and, Abe Vanderbent also guest. The games played included “How Much Did This Shit Make?,” “Whose Tag Line is it Anyway?” (a new game), “Last Man Stanton,” and “The Leonard Maltin Game”. You can listen to it here.