Har Mar Superstar returns to the Turf Club tonight


Har Mar Superstar, Rhodes scholar.

Gimme Noise has been chomping at the bit to say some serious words about Har Mar Superstar, one of the Twin Cities' most anomalous exports to the city of Angels.

After a darling few years trotting the globe and keeping company with Kate Moss and Kelly Osborne, Sean Tillman (that's Har Mar, if you don't know) carved out a niche for himself as the weirdo buddy to stars far above his own strata.

But a funny thing happens with enough elbow grease and enough insistence, and jokes, told enough times, have a curious way of becoming the truth. What began as a lampoon of Tillman's own sex appeal has turned him into a bonafide sex symbol, and his pop music, which began as a winking satire of the form, has grown into a career of remarkable authenticity and musical value.

His Mischief's "Do You Know Your Neighbors." Their full length, The Perfect Lover, releases tonight at the Turf Club.

The musical growth from 2002's You Can Feel me to 2004's The Handler is perfectly quantum. Gone are his schlocky sex gags. Vanished are errant dancers about Power Lunches and undersexed traffic cops. The music beneath his helium alto is no longer a single synth affair. They've been replaced by astute live instrumentation and a cunning vocal range and a fathoms deep pop sensibility that takes on Stevie Wonder and N'Syn with nary a smirk.

His live shows, which have become rathe rless frequent over the last couple years as Tillman pursues his pop rock enterprise Sean Na Na, retain their original sweaty, tighty whitey charm. As he does on record, on stage Tillman proves himself to be one of our hardest working performers. Missing tonight's show, which honors beloved domestics His Mischief, is not to be missed (nor, for that matter, is His Mischief's debut full length The Perfect Lover, releasing tonight).

21+. 9:00 P.M. $5.00. With the Dynamiters and Leisure Birds. Turf Club, 1601 University Avenue West, Saint Paul; 651.647.0486.