Har Mar Superstar playing last-minute show tonight

As if this past weekend wasn't already spilling over with amazing local music (between Gayngs, Art-A-Whirl, and the Lyn-Lake fest there were only a scant few hours without shows), Har Mar Superstar and P.O.S are teaming up to play a last-minute show at the Entry tonight, as Har Mar announced during his set yesterday and tweeted today.

Har Mar announced that openers would include Chibalo, Little Dog on Top of Big Dog (Michael Gaughan), and "a secret guest that rules," which Radio K confirmed would be P.O.S.

Oh, Twitter. How we love thee.

Show tonight is $8. Doors at 8 p.m., 18+.

UPDATE: Via his own Twitter account, P.O.S denied rumors that he is playing tonight, and says he will simply be attending the show; with Soundset approaching, we're guessing he can't "officially" cop to performing in town, but we wouldn't be surprised if he still took the stage at some point tonight.

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