Har Mar Superstar makes soulful return on "Lady, You Shot Me"

Har Mar Superstar makes soulful return on "Lady, You Shot Me"
Photo by Guy Eppel

The musical chameleon that is Sean Tillmann has just changed his skin again with a new Har Mar Superstar jam called "Lady, You Shot Me." And without too much hyperbole, this song about a woman doing him very wrong is very fucking excellent. Like, career-defining stuff. Even for those of us who already love various aspects of the Minnesota native's cocky and physically demanding performances and witty songcraft, here comes as a soul-shaking surprise. And for anyone who thought they could just dismiss Har Mar, time to rethink that position.

Off of his upcoming Bye Bye 17, an album arriving May 6 via the Strokes' Julian Casablancas's Cult Records, "Lady You Shot Me" is a brass-filled barrel of R&B that'll hopefully be a featured cut from his performance at the Triple Rock Social Club coming up on March 28.

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Aside from the facelift to his backing aesthetic, Har Mar has adopted a raw-throated delivery that brings urgency, pathos, and a genuine passion to the song."Lady, You Shot Me" belongs in the realm of the fiery side of Cee-Lo Green, and the Daptone Records/Mark Ronson explosion of retro soul production.

And, if the rest of the album hits even close to this hard, this could be Har Mar's year. This material looks good on you, Mr. Tillmann. Local radio programmers, don't sleep on this. Updated: Nothing to worry about in that department.

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