Har Mar Superstar isn't joining the Replacements

Har Mar Superstar isn't joining the Replacements
Photo by Erik Hess

When Spin reported the bombshell news this afternoon that our very own Har Mar Superstar was set to become the newest member of the Replacements, it raised a few eyebrows here at Gimme Noise. Perhaps this was some new ploy by Westerberg and company to spice things up with some pants-off dance-offs? Maybe it was the 'Mats' long-awaited reincarnation as a hyper-lascivious '80s R&B band? ("Gary's got a boner" never sounded so dirty, friends.) Or maybe it was just some weird flu dream?

Well, as it turned out, the correct answer was "none of the above." Not long after Spin's Jessica Hopper reported on the "scoop," it was revealed that the whole situation was just an elaborate joke.

And the universe breathed a sigh of relief.

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Har Mar Superstar's star turn
It all started late this morning when Har Mar tweeted out the following message, claiming that he was about to walk into his first rehearsal with Paul and Tommy:

Shortly thereafter, in spite of the outward ludicrousness of the story, Hopper jumped onto her own account to relay the supposed authenticity of Har Mar's claim:

To her credit, she wasn't the only high-profile person to fall for the joke:

Har Mar did his part to fan the flames, as well:

But it was all, er, too good to be true. (Depending on how one chooses to look at it.) Not being convinced, in spite of Hopper's supposed confirmation, Gimme Noise decided to reach out to Har Mar personally and see what was going on -- but right about the same time we heard back ("Ha! I started to feel bad," he told us), he came clean all on his own:

Which just goes to show, you should never take Har Mar at his word -- right?

Hopper, for her part, was good-humored about the whole snafu, writing on her Facebook page, "Well, that was a curious event. Sean was just punking me/you/us about joining the Replacements. Good thing no one wrote, like, news items about it."

No doubt plenty of people will be quick to jump on Hopper for being too quick to report a seemingly unconfirmed story. But frankly, we feel more like everyone dodged a bullet on this one. Although, gosh darn it, we were pretty excited about John Stamos...

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