Har Mar Superstar and Macaulay Culkin's "Gay Scandal" Detailed in National Enquirer

"The shocking clinch."

"The shocking clinch."

Har Mar Superstar was recently featured in the supermarket tabloid the National Enquirer. And wouldn't you know? It was part of a sensationalist story (ripped off from TMZ) involving his pal and tourmate Macaulay Culkin, who performs with the Pizza Underground.

This past weekend, Black Lips guitarist Cole Alexander stumbled upon the story titled "Culkin Gay Shocker!" while reading the only magazine we reach for when Weekly World News and Redbook are sold out. His Instagram share of the story went viral. 

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Har mar made the national enquirer

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Amusing layout aside, you can tell there's some solid journalism at work here -- aside from a misspelling of Har Mar's real last name, of course. If only we could know the identity of the "friend" who divulged how "shocking" this kiss was.

Video of the scandalous incident during a stop in Billings, Montana, was uploaded to TMZ all the way back on the day before Thanksgiving, and somehow we missed it until now. Apologies for not sharing this earth-shattering news sooner. 


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