Happy birthday, Dexter Holland

Happy birthday, Dexter Holland

Put this in your ever expanding catalog of milestones that make you feel old. Remember when you were listening to Smash on repeat and leaving the phone off the hook so your science teacher couldn't call your mom and rat you out for skipping class?

Well, the guy who was yelping through your headphones turns 43 today. Gimme Noise didn't feel right about letting the momentous day go unrecognized, and as a birthday present to Holland, virtually no mention will be made of his musical career over the last 5 years.

fter a trio of inviolate albums released in the early 1990's, which found a zenith in the aforementioned Smash, Holland's Offspring helped explain punk rock to a generation of fledgling aficionados. Along with Green Day, te Offspring spent a half decade and more at the very top of a vast pile of pretenders, and their singles from this era, which include "Self Esteem" and "Come Out And Play," remain anthems to which almost anyone this side of the AARP can recall every chord and chorus.

As per the terms of our birthday wish for Holland, the remainder of this entry will be devoted to Gringo Bandito, the hot sauce company of which Holland is owner and officer.

"For over two years," says Holland in a statement on the Gringo Bandito website, "I have searched far and wide for the perfect combination of spices to make your next dining experience a zinger. And I tried to make it easy on the pooper, too. Try it on tacos, burritos, eggs, pizza -- it's like a party in your mouth. I personally guarantee it. "

The terms of his guarantee are a little unclear, but one thing is not -- Dexter Holland owns this brand of hot sauce. A drawing of Holland in bandoleros and pistols adorns the homepage, and the testimonials section is loaded with vouchers from such punk rock patriarchs as Warren Fitzgerald of The Vandals and, uh, legendary producer Bob Rock.

An earnest attempt was made to secure a bottle  (unless you're in Southern California, the stuff is available only through the website), but their online store was, mysteriously, closed for the holidays.

In further keeping with the terms of this birthday wish for Holland, no pithy comparisons will be made between the success of Gringo Bandito and the failure of the Offspring's 2007 release Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. We will only say that, unlike Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace, Gringo Bandito is flying off the shelves of grocery stores all across the American south. In fact, Gringo Bandito just landed distribution with Albertsons. According to Holland: "That is huge for us."

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