Hank Williams, Jr. coming to Grand Casino Saturday


So, are you ready for the country? Er, are you ready for some football? Uh, I mean, some country?

Say what you will about his politics. I will say that they make my skin crawl, and that, in my experience, he's not shy about sharing them in his live performances. But... say what you will about his politics; Hank Williams, Jr. puts on a hell of a good show.

What? A man whose major claims to fame include eschewing his deceased daddy's style for his own, a style that rotates heavily around Monday Night Football (namely, are you ready for some)? Yes, that man. And it's true; he's made a name for himself, and has managed to grow into a stand-out from the prominent shadow his father left hanging over him.


We were there when he brought his rowdy friends to Mystic in September 2009, and we expect he'll bring the same enthusiasm to his Saturday night appearance at Grand Casino Hinckley (8:00, $30-75, with opener John Anderson).

Will he give President Obama a big thumbs down again?

Time will tell. (Probably.) But will he play that football song?


Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! (I mean, probably.)

Either way, in my opinion the man's a not-to-be-missed in your or his lifetime country performer, so get on up there.

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