Hammers of Misfortune and Slough Feg to thrash the Turf

Dust off your fancy speckled twenty-sided die and spend a few minutes exercising your devil horns--it's metal week at the Turf Club.

The wild thrashing about begins tonight with headliners Hammers of Misfortune. The San Francisco prog/folk metal band hasn't toured since 2004, though many of us expected to see them about a year ago at the Turf and were disappointed to hear there was a booking miscommunication when they didn't ultimately show up. We'll roll our dice, count on having accrued enough mana points since last summer and hope for better luck this Tuesday.

If you want music to write up character sheets to in your parents' basement, check these guys (and gals) out. Hammers of Misfortune to me sounds like the DM gave Evanescence--remember them?--hammers and told them to beat the crap out of that rock troll who won't let your party seek refuge in a cave outside the village. Ludicra, also from San Francisco, opens, and may be more your speed if you like your metal thrashy and black. Also opening, YOG-SOTHOTH of Minneapolis. I looked up the origin of the name and remembered that my brain lacks all capacity for fantasy (plus I hate drinking my Dew in two-liter bottles and my mom wouldn't let me stay out past 10 on weeknights), which is why I didn't get to play D&D with my boyfriend and his 30-year-old brother-in-law in the 10th grade.

Thursday night is the lineup that I'm particularly excited about, featuring Slough Feg, also of San Francisco.

Anyone who caught their show last summer at the Turf will back me up on this--these guys kick some serious ass. I nearly broke my fist pounding it on a table in time to their tight, convincing take on folk metal. After these guys spent their set totally owning the Turf Club stage, I asked the singer for a recommendation on which of their CDs to purchase. "Well, what are you more into--Queen or Thin Lizzy?" "Hmm... that's a tough one. Maybe Thin Lizzy, but I really can't commit to a decision on that." "Okay, Thin Lizzy or Genesis?" "Genesis, but only after Peter Gabriel left the band."

His response? He gets excited and exclaims, "Okay, I gotta go get that one from the van."

Bizarre though it may sound, those are all influences that could be imagined when hearing Slough Feg, even the Collins-era Genesis. Local favorites Knife World open and promise to give Slough Feg a run for their money. Also opening, Obsequiae of Minneapolis, and Chicago-based Bible of the Devil. Imagine Thin Lizzy-style anthem metal with a rotating cast of singers--here he sounds like Bon Scott, now a little Ozzy, then David Lee Roth and, whoa, am I hearing Craig Finn? Check out the track "Ol' Girl" on their MySpace page and stop calling me crazy or I'll cast a wall of fire spell on you. I'm a wizard!

Hammers of Misfortune/Ludicra/YOG-SOTHOTH. 21+. $10. Tues. 8/4, 9:00 P.M.

Slough Feg/Knife World/Bible of the Devil/Obsequiae. 21+. $7. Thurs. 8/6, 9:00 P.M.

Turf Club, 1601 University Avenue W, St. Paul.