Hamburger Helper drops Watch the Stove mixtape featuring Bobby Raps, DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip

<i>Watch the Stove</i> is an allusion to 2011 Jay Z/Kanye collab <i>Watch the Throne</i>

Watch the Stove is an allusion to 2011 Jay Z/Kanye collab Watch the Throne

Sometimes the world of Fortune 500 food marketing dishes up something so inspired and so dumb — so achingly magnetized to the ironic, overstimulated millennial heart —  that its importance feels undeniable. 

Such is the case with Watch the Stove, the brand-new mixtape dropped Friday from that fuckin' glove mascot (Lefty) that sells you boxes of meat palatalization supplies (Hamburger Helper).  

But sweet, beefy lord help us: The songs bump. The best part? Lefty's PR team says the mixtape was created by students at St. Paul's McNally Smith College of Music, with assists from Twin Cities hip-hop staple/McNally staffer Toki Wright.

Buzzy locals Bobby Raps and DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip contributed under their Dequexatron X000 moniker with the track "Feed the Streets," on which we hear Raps spit bars about simmering stroganoff and salty haters. The song already has more than 1 million plays on SoundCloud. 

Watch the Stove, of course, is bankrolled by Minneapolis-based food giant General Mills, whose Betty Crocker imprint is responsible for Hamburger Helper and now, it seems, a processed food rap movement.   
What a strange, beautiful, corporately synergized, saucy world ...    

Check out the mixtape below. You can also watch two music videos for Stove tracks — Lefty tries to score with a human woman in the first!