Halloween Show Planner 2008

Halloween Show Planner 2008

Halloween, again. Wasn’t it meant to be a child’s holiday? If my history is correct, this annual ritual was invented to teach children how to bully adults, to instill in the national youth the virtues of beggary by fearful masquerade. So where do all these grown-ups get off, shoe-horning themselves in on all the fun?

The holiday brings out the most performative in us all. From punk basements to metal bars, the pressure to one-up your fellow man with the most outlandish, culturally irrelevant, sharp-witted costume is enough to make anyone cringe just a little bit. But what’s Halloween without fear? There’s no shortage of theme nights on the horizon, and, as if you didn't already have your plans made, below is a short list of nights that do their damndest to snatch this bizarre night away from its rightful owners -- spoiled, sugar-charged brats.


THE LOFT (above BARFLY) Shelter Halloween with: PAUL BIRKEN *LIVE* DJ ETONES CHRISTIAN JAMES Prize goes to the best costume; edits of old-school horror movies will play all night 18+ $10/21+ $10

TURF CLUB Zebulon Pike Heroine Sheiks Seawhores Guystorm 21+, 9 p.m.

LEE'S LIQUOR LOUNGE E.L.nO., covering ELO Little Man, covering T-Rex 21+, 9:30 p.m., $10

TRIPLE ROCK SOCIAL CLUB Shit Sandwich, covering Spinal Tap If You Want Blood, covering Bon Scott era AC/DC (Members of 20 Dollar Love) We Who Can Not Be Named, covering The Dwarves (Members of the Quincy Punx) Sirens of Titan, covering Sound garden (members of Sirens of Titan) We Aren’t The League, coveringAnti-Nowhere League (Members of Impaler, Hostages, and Iron Fist) Power of 2 w/ Margret Lane, covering Yeah Yeah Yeahs $6.00 with a costume, $8.00 without.

331 CLUB All the Pretty Horses Gay Witch Abortion The Funeral and the Twilight 21+, Free

UPTOWN BAR Pabst Halloween Party Akimbo (from Seattle WA) Buildings Economy Team CONDO$ Prizes for best costumes include a Pabst Longboard, Pabst t-shirts, Pabst hats, and a bunch of other disposable crap you’d sooner trade for a Tall Boy. 21+, $6.00

HEXAGON BAR Bastard Saint Castle Orwell (La Crosse, WI) Thula Rise of the Empire 21+. Free, like Mandela.

And undoubtedly, the award for the most insistent and consequential costume party goes to the NOMAD WORLD PUB, which is free for the costumed, and a hefty $13.00 for the plainclothed. The Come-Ons Freddie's Sweater (AKA Officer Gentlemen) Aaron and the Sea USA Solid Golden Retrievers


ROY WILKINS AUDITORIUM: Beastie Boys Tenacious D Ben Harper

TRIPLE ROCK: The King Kahn & BBQ Show Women Fuck Knights 9 PM, 21+, $12.00

FIRST AVENUE: GWAR Kingdom of Sorrow Toxic holocaust

7TH ST. ENTRY: Jeans Team

THE BEAT COFFEE SHOP To Kill A Petty Bourgeoise Maps Of Norway Auspice All Ages

These are all fine suggestions of ways to abandon your corporeal self for a night. But should you decide to buck the system, all you’ll need to find a decent time and meet a masked stranger is a rock. Chuck it -- you’ll hit a bar with a theme night, a DJ, and plenty of people looking to keep their inner Clark Kent in check.

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