Halloween, Alaska remixed by Lazerbeak, Bon Iver's S. Carey


The sonic experimentalism of Halloween, Alaska has always lent itself well to potential remixes. And while the latest effort from the Minneapolis quartet, All Night The Calls Came In, is a more refined, focused album than their more expansive past work, the musical groundwork has been laid for these textured songs to be considerably reworked.

February 28 will see the digital release of Fake Mistakes: Remixes, which features the recent songs of Halloween, Alaska reimagined by some stalwarts of the local music scene. Lazerbeak, Grant Cutler, Graham O'Brien, and Now, Now's Bradley Hale, as well as S. Carey from Bon Iver, are just some of the talented musicians giving the music of Halloween, Alaska their own unique twist on this inspired new collection.

Fake Mistakes will be released digitally on the Amble Down record label, and will be exclusively available at their online store for the first two weeks at a pay-what-you-want price, which will include two additional bonus remixes. The album will become available at other digital music outlets beginning on March 13. But for those who don't want to wait that long to get an idea of what the remixes sound like, give a listen to Lazerbeak's dreamlike spin on Halloween, Alaska's "In Your Sleep" right here.

In addition to the upcoming remix album, Halloween, Alaska have also been tabbed as the opening act for the hotly-tipped Oklahoma quintet Other Lives on a small string of Midwestern dates which finishes up at the Entry on Thursday night. This comes after a high-profile slot opening for Anna Calvi on her recent UK tour. The local group's polished, ethereal sound should go over quite well with Other Lives' swelling fan base, and these shows, in addition to the remix album, should set Halloween, Alaska up quite well to have a big year in 2012.

Fake Mistakes: Remixes Tracklisting

1. Dance By Accident - The Umbrella Sequence

2. The Jealous Ones - Grant Cutler

3. More To Come - Sean Renner

4. You Are Not Well - Eric Moeckel

5. Empire Waist - S. Carey

6. Dance By Accident - MGKvsBRD

7. In Your Sleep - Lazerbeak

8. Tables - Sean Renner

9. 3:1 - Graham O'Brien

10. You Are Not Well - Sombear 

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