Halloween, Alaska in the Main Room tonight

All right, we'll bite the bullet for a slight promotional SNAFU a few weeks ago, where word of a secret Halloween, Alaska show at the Uptown Bar got the plugged pulled on it shortly after the secret had leaked. Partial mea culpa to all their fans-- the news had already leaked on the Current by the time we got our hands on it, but we still hate to be associated with such a buzzkill.

Halloween, Alaska covering L. L. Cool J.

So, to make up for it, here's out promotional extravaganza to help make sure Halloween, Alaska's release show in the Main Room tonight is a butts-to-nuts affair, with scarcely enough room to hold your bottle of Newcastle in front of you.

They're part of a cadre of atmospheric popsters who find a way to keep their growing crowds entertained while still maintaining a sometimes startling intimacy in their songwriting. Their instruments and voices don't cower behind leagues of muddying effects (although there are definitely two scoops of 0s and 1s thrown into this analog soup to spice things up for the ear), and their material, even when turning an amusing cover of "I Can't Live Without My Radio" by L. L. Cool J, is always achingly nostalgic and bittersweet.

Chris Koza and Aby Wolf get the nod as supporting acts. Good thinking here-- they're just as engagin, even if their names aren't stamped in bold gold leaf. Get there early-- there isn't a note of this show that won't set you aglow (Burma Shave-esque rhyme unintentional).

18+. 8:00 P.M. $8.00 advance/ $10.00 door. First Avenue Main Room, 701 First Avenue North, Minneapolis; 612.338.8388.