Hall & Oates: 8 awesome moments


In anticipation of Daryl Hall and John Oates' performance at the State Theatre tomorrow night, we tried to come up with a way to honor them.

As it turns out, that's pretty easy! Here are eight things you may have missed or been completely unaware of regarding the cool factor of Hall & Oates. This discussion precludes their music because, well, it's inarguably awesome and you should go listen to it.


Cameo on The Cleveland Show

While a spin-off of Family Guy, everyone's (least) favorite Simpsons refraction, certainly isn't cool, getting Daryl Hall to say "wiener factory" most definitely qualifies.

​Daryl Hall's longtime girlfriend, Sara Allen, served as the inspiration for many of the group's songs ("Sara Smile") - and also helped co-write their most major record, Voices. When's the last time you thought to ask your significant other to help you go platinum?