Haley Bonar releases Wntr Snds EP

Haley Bonar releases Wntr Snds EP

While we all wait patiently for Haley Bonar's forthcoming full-length due out this spring, she has given her fans an unexpected musical gift for the holidays to help ease everyone through the winter months. Bonar has just released a brand new EP of home recordings called Wntr Snds, featuring six lovely new tracks that should help take the sting out of these sub-zero temperatures.

On Bonar's Facebook page, she explains the motivation behaind the new EP:

"Hello all! I made you guys a little winter holiday present this year because I wanted to say thank you for all of the love and support I have received this year. These tracks were recorded in my room in my spare time recently and they are just like a homemade present: real! :) not mastered with little blips and all, I give it to you with love and gratitude. Happy holidays!"

Between this new EP -- which was written and performed by Haley in her room this past fall, and features a beautiful cover photo by Graham Tolbert -- and the striking music video for "Last War" that she recently shared in advance of her new full-length, it's wonderful to hear that Bonar is so creatively productive once again.

The spare piano and acoustic guitar-laden songs that are featured on Wntr Snds have an intimacy and vulnerability to them that proves to be quite warm and inviting, exactly what we need here in the Twin Cities during this cold snap. And, quite frankly, the achingly gorgeous "Like Ice and Cold" is one of the best songs that Bonar has ever written, and will resonate with anyone who has dared to step outside within the past couple of weeks.

Hopefully, Bonar continues to offer up more of her new music to us in advance of her record release in the spring, and schedules some local live shows to share her musical gifts with her many fans in the Twin Cities and beyond.

So, give a listen to Wntr Snds below, and get yourself a digital copy of the EP to help deal with the freezing conditions outside. And, if your holiday funds are low, no worries -- Haley lets you name your own price for her new collection. Everybody wins.

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