Haley Bonar moves to Portland, Oregon

Haley Bonar, we hardly knew ye.

Doesn't it seem like there is an astonishing cultural exchange program underway between the Twin Cities and Portland? And doesn't it often feel strictly one-way? How come WE don't inherit the haunting singer songwriters from Portland?

The video for "Devilish Man," off Bonar's 2006 release
Lure the Fox, directed by Eli Ljung.

It can't be the climate. A native South Dakotan who cut her teeth in Duluth has no need for such luxuries as, you know, temperate winters.

But alas, it's true. And as we tally the friends and lovers that dastardly city has robbed from us, we might as well break the news-- Bonar's who has been living and performing in the Twin Cities since her relocation from Duluth 4 years ago, made an emotional farewell performance at Saturday's Fantastic Fourth show.

As reported by Chris Riemenschneider in the Star Tribune:

Bonar, 26, said the move was instigated by her landlord's decision to take back the grand old house she shared in St. Paul with her sister and a couple friends. She has played Portland several times and recently hung out there, but mostly it was a dartboard decision.

"I have half of my next record written, and want to try and be in a new environment to write the rest of it," she said, emphasizing that the move likely will not be permanent. "Minnesota will always be home to me, and I could very well return in the spring -- or maybe not for a long time."

Bonar's voice, her fragile lyricism, and her performative intrigue made her the dominant singer-songwriter in the cities, if not the state, and her last album, Big Star, made a sweep of local music awards, and her performance at the State Theater this past spring with Andrew Bird was a standout show of the year.

She'll return on August 21 to perform at the Minnesota Zoo, but for now, and for the foreseeable future, we'll have to make do without. For our part, we're frightened of power vacuums. We read King Lear, after all, and we can only imagine the bloody land grabs that will ensue to claim her crown.