Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Note to dudes: Stay away from "the Ryan!"

The O.C jumped the shark early in the first season when Marissa and Ryan engaged in an awkward slobberfest on a Ferris wheel. Then, Seth ran over the poor shark's decaying carcass when he attempted to sail a 10-foot catamaran to Tahiti, but somehow wound up clueless (and apparently compass-less) in Portland. Still, I can't help but loves me some O.C., though I'm one of the few fans who isn't a Sethite panting over his quippy dialogue and emo-boy tight T-shirts. (Besides, as Summer would say, That'd be, like, illegal and stuff?) It's hard not to love a show featuring rich kids taking pills and DNA tests soundtracked by my favorite local bands Halloween, Alaska and the Olympic Hopefuls.

But here's my issue: I'm not one to, umm, split hairs over style or anything, but for a show that claims it's setting fashion trends around the globe, shouldn't the show's stylists do something with poor Ryan's parted-down-the-center, Great Clips bowl cut? This is the kind of unfortunate coif that comes from spending all of 1988 under the hood of a Camaro, not all of 2004 on 500-thread-count satin pillowcases. Let's just hope the bowl doesn't fall under the definition of "fashion-forward," or else we might be subjected to bands rehashing the music of Warrant soon.  

Tonight's episode: Lesbian Barbie attacks!

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