Hackensaw Boys to play the Cabooze tonight

Hackensaw Boys to play the Cabooze tonight
Photo courtesy of hackensawboys.com

A band that has over the years collaborated with folks who'd later appear in Old Crow Medicine Show and Modest Mouse, and has also backed the late Charlie Louvin on a nationwide tour, tonight the excellent Hackensaw Boys will be appearing at the Cabooze in Minneapolis.

The Hackensaw Boys, named such after what you do on a mandolin (hack) and on a fiddle (saw), play lively Americana mountain music, but in a way that's clearly influenced by all the rock 'n' roll sensibilities you'd expect outta fellas their age. Accordingly, they've toured with everyone from the Flaming Lips and Detroit Cobras to Cheap Trick and De La Soul, and have found fans outside strictly Americana or bluegrass audiences.

After a Wednesday night stop in Winona, the act hits the stage at the Cabooze tonight ($8, 8:30). And lucky for us, Ohio singer Lydia Loveless is set to open the show, close on the heels of her local appearances at Lee's and Hymie's back in December.

With any luck, they'll bring a "charismo" with them, an evolving homemade tin percussion thing-a-ma-jig made out of cans, license plates, hubcaps, book bag straps, and whatever the heck else the band has decided to add to it.

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