Hüsker Dü to rerelease debut single for Record Store Day

Hüsker Dü to rerelease debut single for Record Store Day

Not to be outdone by all of the noise that their Twin Cities brethren the Replacements have made as of late, Hüsker Dü just announced plans to release some early songs the band recorded at the Old Blackberry Way studio back in 1980 for this year's Record Store Day on April 20th.

The four songs were originally recorded to attract the attention of potential record labels, specifically Twin/Tone, who the band had planned on signing with. But when those efforts failed (as Twin/Tone signed the 'Mats instead), Hüsker Dü issued their debut single, the "Amusement/Statues" 7-inch, on Reflex Records, and scrapped the planned 10" release.

But now, all four tracks (including "Writer's Cramp" and "Let's Go Die") will all be issued on one release as originally intended, as part of a double seven-inch pressed exclusively for Record Store Day.

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Listening to "Statues" now, you can hear echoes of the angular, magnetic pulse of what was happening at the time in the Post-punk UK scene (Wire and Joy Division, especially), a direction that the band would quickly abandon in favor of a more hardcore edge on their blistering and breathless live debut for Reflex, Land Speed Record, which was recorded at the 7th Street Entry in 1981.

The version of "Amusement" that ended up on the original 7-inch (and is included on the RSD release) is taken from a live recording of the young band playing the raucous track at Duffy's soon after they received their rejection letter from Twin/Tone.

The original artwork for the 7-inch (featured at the top of the article and below) has been cleaned up a bit for the new gatefold jacket which will be featured on the upcoming RSD release.

Hüsker Dü to rerelease debut single for Record Store Day

Hüsker Dü's Record Store Day release will be limited to 4000 copies, and will be available at fine record stores throughout Minnesota and the U.S. on April 20th (yes, that's right, Record Store Day falls on 4/20 this year).

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