Guante will kick off tonight's OccupyMN march on TCF and Wells Fargo

Guante, the Minneapolis spoken word and hip-hop artist, writer, and activist, will be appearing at his second OccupyMN event tonight (he already performed on Sunday at a labor rally that also featured Mayda and Grant Hart) to help raise awareness of the movement and kick off a student-led march on the downtown Minneapolis banks.

[jump] "This one is different because it's student-led and student-organized, trying to tie in the issues of young people who are in debt from educational costs, lack of jobs and all that," he writes. 

Though he hasn't been involved in the day-to-day planning of OccupyMN events, Guante says he's supportive of the cause and willing to perform wherever and whenever they need him. "From my perspective, they're doing some really positive things," he says. "There are certainly criticisms that I have, but it's inspiring to see so many people actively engaged in creating change."

Guante has long asserted himself as a vocal member of the Minnesotan activist community and has funneled his passion into MN Activist, a database and resource center for those looking to become more engaged in their communities.

For more on Guante's thoughts on the OccupyMN movement, check out this video compiled by Split Magazine, which features footage him and fellow hip-hop artists/Occupiers Brother Ali and Illicit at the protests:

Occupy Minnesota from Spilt Magazine on Vimeo.

Guante performs a solo set at People's Plaza (a.k.a. the Government Plaza, 300 6th St. S. in downtown Minneapolis) at 5 p.m. today, and a student-led march on Wells Fargo and TCF Banks will start at 5:30.