Guante urges fans to get out the vote


With election day looming, local writer and rapper Kyle Myhre, aka Guante, is speaking out to his fans about the importance of voting. "Voting isn't the only way to create change. It may not even be the most effective. But it is the easiest," he writes on his blog. "There really is no excuse; I've come around to the idea that important tactical and short-term gains really CAN be created through the ballot box."

To raise awareness of the election, he sent out a new live performance video today for his song "You Boyfriend's a Republican," a tongue-in-cheek little ditty set to an Amy Winehouse/Mark Ronson beat.


The track is available on Guante's 2008 mixtape Conscious is Not Enough, and he says he plans to re-record the track for a reissue of the mixtape on local label Tru Ruts later this month.