Grumpy's Takes It Back to 1991 in Lollapalooza Cover Fest


Lollygagloser | Grumpy's Downtown | Saturday, September 27
Forget the summer of '69. The summer of '91, also known as the Year Punk Broke, defined a generation. Nirvana hit big, but that summer also saw the debut of Lollapalooza -- at the time, an annual traveling music festival and freak show brilliantly summarized in the Simpsons' later "Homerpalooza" episode.

For those who miss the greasy hair and untucked flannels, Saturday is your day. Grumpy's Bar downtown is throwing a Lollygagloser party, with six cover bands recreating the original Lolla lineup and playing songs from Jane's Addiction, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Nine Inch Nails, Butthole Surfers, Body Count, and Rollins Band. Those sets will come from a number of local musicians under the monikers of the Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Excellence (hey, it's another Simpsons reference), Kiss or Kill, Nine Inch Ailes, San Dimas, In Defence, and Disasteratti.

Taking place in the Grumpy's parking lot, the event will offer beer, grilled brats, and the promise of 80 degrees in September. Why hold it now? "The end of September seemed like a better idea than Halloween," says organizer Rainer Fronz. "Wasn't there a blizzard or something on Halloween?"

To get some more insight into the time warp event, Gimme Noise had a chat with Dari Kaveh of Disasteratti/Rollins Band, who have been hard at work learning Rollins's work. The main thing they've learned thus far, it seems, is that "Low Self Opinion" doesn't hold up very well.

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[jump] Gimme Noise: How did you get involved and how did you pick to do Rollins Band?

Dari Kaveh:
We were asked to do it and Rollins Band was the only one that seemed to remotely make sense for us. It's still quite a stretch.

How strict are you sticking to the theme--will you only play pre-1992 Rollins Band?

We are only doing The End of Silence material and maybe a Black Flag song for fun. We wanted to try to stick to the era, but we also thought that The End of Silence stuff was better than the previous two records even though they played a lot of that stuff at the first Lollapalooza.


Are you playing without a shirt on, in classic "Liar" video Rollins garb?

Doubtful. It usually gets cold towards the end of September and this is an outdoor show. Also, none of us have the crazy Rollins physique.

What song has been the most fun to practice?

"Low Self Opinion" is maybe the least fun to practice. The others are about equal.

What song holds up the worst or sounds the most dated to you?

"Low Self Opinion."

What other bands are you looking forward to?

All of them because we don't know what to expect. In Defence as Bodycount should be great.

What do you remember about the real 1991 Lollapalooza?

BJ's the only one who was at the first Lollapalooza, and it's far back enough that it's pretty hard to remember.

The following local bands will be performing sets:
The Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Excellence - Jane's Addiction
Kiss or Kill - Siouxsie and the Banshees
Nine Inch Ailes - Nine Inch Nails
San Dimas - Butthole Surfers
In Defence - Body Count
Disasteratti - Rollins Band

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