Groovin’ in the Garden at Como announces free, kid-friendly 2019 music lineup

Are these folks groovin'? They sure are.

Are these folks groovin'? They sure are. Photo provided by Groovin' in the Garden

Are you a horrifying monster who hates both children and music?

Did you answer “no”? Then Groovin’ in the Garden is for you.

(If you answered “yes,” there are presumably miles of fetid sewers in the bowels of the earth you may haunt like a scorned enemy of all surface-dwellers, breathing in pestilent air as dank as your soul.)

Anyway, back to the non-horrifying non-monsters. For eight Wednesdays this summer, beginning June 5 and ending July 24, there will be free live music outside the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory in Como Park from 6 to 8 p.m. This is Groovin' in the Garden, it's happening for the eighth year now, and we called it the Best Place to See a Concert with Kids in 2018.

Look below and you'll note that these are the kinds of bands an adult would actually pay money to see. But you get to sit outside, you don't have to wait till a ridiculously late hour, and it's "for the whole family," but not in a lame way. You can bring food or buy some on site, and there’s beer and wine for non-children. 

And if your kids aren't feeling the tunes? Well, your groovin’-averse children can enjoy a climbing wall (for climbing), a bouncy house (for bouncing), and lawn games (for gaming). 

However, if you take your kids on June 12 you might have to explain that there is no actual tiger for them to kiss.

Here's more info, and here's the full schedule:

June 5 – Innocent Reggae Band
June 12 – Kiss the Tiger
June 19 – The April Fools
June 26 – Sweet Colleens
July 3 – The Shackletons
July 10 – Main Street Bayou
July 17 – Katy Vernon Band
July 24 – Malamanya