Greg Norton jams with Husker Du tribute band in Chicago

Every city seems to have their share of them--tribute cover bands who tackle the prodigious back catalogs of classic (and not so classic) rock bands who have long since fizzled out, or arena acts which people at dive bars refuse to pay top dollar to see. In the case of Chicago's cleverly named Hüsker Düdes, they faithfully recreate the music of one of the Twin Cities most beloved bands for fans who know that their chance to see Hüsker Dü play live has long since passed.

Spin reports that on Saturday night at Chicago's Quenchers Saloon, the Düdes, along with everyone else at the bar, received quite a treat (and the biggest accolade a tribute band could ever hope for), as Hüsker bassist Greg Norton dropped in to jam with them on a few boisterous numbers from his highly revered old band, "From the Gut," "Target," and "Blah, Blah, Blah."

Norton might have been feeling rather celebratory considering this was just a few days before his 53rd birthday, but no matter what motivated him to step on stage, he certainly gave the band and all of the old school Hüsker Dü fans in the audience a big thrill by joining in.

And Norton apppears to be truly enjoying himself as well, playfully introducing the rest of the band as, "the skinny Grant Hart and...the handsome Bob Mould."

Blogger Slicing Up Eyeballs was thankfully able to capture some video evidence of the memorable festivites, and below are his vids capturing the rowdy performances of "From The Gut," and "Target."

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