Great haircuts, creepy right-wingers, and bad karma in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Deeply Rooted Tribe

Deeply Rooted Tribe YouTube

Intention-setting is corny as hell.

At this point in the year, we’re called upon to plot out the framework of our best selves for the next 12 months. Or some shit. Cynicism aside, it’s not a bad idea, and with that in mind, I have a few New Year’s resolutions for Local Frames in 2018.

The first is a recurring resolution: Feature more non-white, non-male, non-straight musicians. Second, find more videos from bands from outside the Twin Cities. Third, give props to directors and producers. Fourth, stop apologizing to videos that don’t make the Top 5. And, finally, fifth: stop being so sanctimonious in these introductory paragraphs.

Deeply Rooted Tribe—“Tribe in Ya Area”

Has there ever been a rap group with haircuts as consistently great as Deep Rooted Tribe’s? The Mill City Collective representatives make an immediate impression with their mic skills as well, as highlighted on this new song, a classic crew cut that spells out their ambitions to take over while also showcasing each MC’s individual style. The track comes from their forthcoming EP, due in late January or February.

Loop Line—“Snowdrift” (lyric video)

Christmas may be over, but Loop Line is still recovering from the tinsel overload. The video for “Snowdrift” scrolls across the screen as an idyllic winter scene (there’s even a little Peanuts subliminated in there), but the words reveal a deeper melancholy. According to lead singer Luke Slisz, “Snowdrift” is “about the search for calmness amidst the chaos that is the holiday season and an ode to the moments of peace found between the blinking lights and falling snow.” Paul Winkels created the video.

Rich Mattson and the Northstars—“Walk Among You”

Rich Mattson has never shied away from humor in his songwriting. There’s always some incisive barb embedded within his twangy music, and his latest song is no different. Compiled from footage of the Northstars’s latest gig at the Turf Club by photographer Michael Hardwick, the video for “Walk Among You” hides nothing as Mattson mocks the right-wing sociopaths hidden in plain sight in Minnesota and North Dakota.

Grayson DeWolfe—“Karma”

It is, as the saying goes, a bitch. Grayson DeWolfe revels here in the comeuppance his unfaithful lover receives when she’s cheated on herself. It’s a feeling we’ve all had, and DeWolfe revels in the satisfaction. Jude Aotik directed the video, which was shot on location at Can-Can Wonderland. Minnesota Dance Collaborative also features.

Rich Garvey—“Compliment”

I spoke with Liberian-born rapper Rich Garvey in November about his sultry new EP Onyx Gemstone. “Compliment” is the standout track from that project. Ackryte’s bare bones production gives Garvey plenty of space to wax poetic about his sensuous new love. The “Compliment” video, showing Garvey giving his woman the due she deserves, comes courtesy of Matt Wales Media,

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