Grant Hart shares songs from double-LP inspired by Milton's Paradise Lost

Grant Hart shares songs from double-LP inspired by Milton's Paradise Lost
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John Milton's epic 17th century poem, Paradise Lost, has captivated and confounded scholars and English majors alike for hundreds of years. Those who find their way through Milton's challenging, impenetrable archaic language find a moving story about the fall of man, as well as Adam and Eve's eventual expulsion from the Garden of Eden. The long-heralded poem has inspired artists for centuries, and continues to work its lyrical magic to this day.

In the case of former Hüsker Dü drummer Grant Hart, Milton's epic work recently inspired an entire double-album of new material, The Argument, which Hart is set to release on Domino Records on July 22. The double-LP features 20 new songs from Hart, all triggered by the eternal themes and subjects that Milton touched on, just filtered through the current lens of modern day rock 'n' roll.

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Hart and Domino have shared new songs from the forthcoming record, one culled from each of the album's two disparate halves, which represent the duality of light and darkness that permeates all aspects of society.

"Is The Sky The Limit?" is a searching, somber number that captures the pain and anguish that comes from any fall from grace. While "Letting Me Out" is a rollicking, feisty track that churns with the urgency of aspiration, even if it is brought about by evil intentions.

Hart has also announced an intimate Irish tour to preview material from The Argument, a set of dates which concludes with a one-off London show at Water Rats on June 18.

May 31st  Cork Stout Fest 2013

June 1st   Clonmel O'Keeffe's

June 2nd  Galway The Townhouse

June 7th   Sligo McGarrigle's

June 8th   Dundalk Spirit Store

June 9th   Derry Sandino's

June 13th Belfast Voodoo

June 14th Kilkenny Cleere's

June 15th Dingle McCarthy's

June 16th Myrtleville Pine Lodge (afternoon)

June 16th Clonakilty DeBarra's (evening)

June 18th London, UK Water Rats

Hopefully, Grant and his new band, Grant Hart and The Burn/Burning, will bring these vibrant new set of songs Stateside sometime soon, and include a sure-to-be special homecoming stop in the Twin Cities for his longtime fans in the area.

Here is the tracklisting and cover art for The Argument, which Domino will be releasing on CD, Double-vinyl, and digitally on July 22:

Grant Hart shares songs from double-LP inspired by Milton's Paradise Lost

1. Out Of Chaos
2. Morningstar
3. Awake, Arise!
4. If We Have The Will
5. I Will Never See My Home
6. I Am Death
7. Sin
8. Letting Me Out
9. Is The Sky The Limit?
10. Golden Chain
11. So Far From Heaven
12. Shine, Shine, Shine
13. It Isn't Love
14. War In Heaven
15. Glorious
16. (It Was A) Most Disturbing Dream
17. Underneath The Apple Tree
18. The Argument
19. Run For The Wilderness
20. For Those Too High Aspiring

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