Grant Hart, Guante, Mayda to perform at Foreclosure Free Block Party tonight

Grant Hart, Guante, Mayda to perform at Foreclosure Free Block Party tonight

​​Be it the noise or the names, music attracts attention. A number of local artists are hoping to draw that attention to Powderhorn community member Bobby Hull's house, which has been in his family since 1968 and is now facing foreclosure. A concert of protest, which went underway last night, continues tonight at Hull's residence with some talented supporters.

Occupy Minneapolis has been working on occupying homes whose owners are threatened with losing their houses to the banks. When Hull's health issues made mortgage payments difficult to maintain, US Bank set a foreclosure date on the Vietnam veteran's home. Occupiers and musicians decided they'd turn that day into a block party instead, "either celebrating a good faith negotiation by the Bank or celebrating the fact that we're not leaving anyway", as their flyer states. Below is a video interview with Bobby Hull where he tells his story:

The tactic seemed to work, as attention drawn to the issue mustered up enough phone calls and e-mails from citizens in solidarity to convince the bank to renegotiate terms. The key idea behind the Occupy movement (there's strength in numbers, and the people organized together can create legitimate change) came to fruition here, but the fight isn't over and the concert is still in full swing. 

As a pre-cursor, bands and organizers gathered in the home last night for a kick-off event, featuring many acts including Sean Anonymous, Sorry OK, Escape Artists, and Thee Evil Creatures. As I walked from the bus, I could hear the emphatic singing and strumming of The Animal Gray a block away, and it made me optimistic to know that people in the neighborhood would be well aware of what was happening. The gathering of music fans of all stripes and those directly involved in Hull's struggle made it a diverse and lively crowd. Food and beer were made available with donation, and the sound set-up was pretty decent considering we were in a tent in the backyard. 

Tonight's event is structured similarly but stands to be even bigger. You can support the Occupy movement, excellent local musicians, and the man himself all at once by attending the Foreclosure Free Block Party. The event is free, but donations and signatures are encouraged. Below is the list of performing artists:

Grant Hart (from Husker Du): 

Toki Wright (DJ Set)

Jack Klatt

Gabe Barnett


The Lioness


Audio Perm

Phillip Morris

Turn Back Now

Nick Mastermind Muhammad

Jayanthi (from Black Audience)

Sol Rebel Ras

Rob Weekend

Wayne McFarland

and more

The house is located on the corner of 37th St and Columbus Ave, and is an indoor/outdoor event with a heated canopy. Music starts at 4 pm.

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