Grant Hart CD release show tonight at 7th Street Entry


Ask Gene Simmons, and he'd tell you that rock and roll musicians do it for the money and the girls. Jaded, sure. But consider the source--Simmons has gone through more of both in his 30+ years in greasepaint than almost anyone before or after him.

But how would Simmons explain Grant Hart? A guy who's been playing rock and pop music since he was 13 years old? Who founded one of the most tumultuously successful local rock bands of his time, Husker Du? And who, after a tempestuous bout with heroin and the dissolution of his fabled band, was unable to wrest himself from the music that had been such a mercurial force in his life?

The answer? Simmons wouldn't. He'd just count a triple thousand stack and bang Shannon Tweed.

Well, anyone with functioning ears would rather listen to Hart than Simmons any day. It might not be born out by respective album sales, but quality rarely is. Husker Du was one of the first bands of the American indie set to get signed to a major label, and it was by a deserved intersection of talent and hard work (as it usually is).

Proof that the members of Husker Du have more in their hearts than a bank account and a 12 pack of Trojans? Hart and co-founder Bob Mould have remained active and industrious since the band's dissolution (Mould just played the Main Room with his band a couple days ago).

Tonight at the 7th Street Entry, Grant Hart releases Hot Wax, his most recent full length. He has bucked the drumset for a six string, but has weathered the change well--Hart is a man of numerous talents, and has spent the last decade of solo work proving what need be proven no further--that he is a talented and essential auteur.

18+. 8:00 P.M. $8.00. With Birds of Avalon and the Beatifics. 7th Street entry, 701 First Avenue North, Minneapolis; 612.338.8388.