Grammys 2014: Top 30 tweets from #GrammyNoise


Every time the Grammys brazenly touts itself as "Music's Biggest Night," it's setting itself up for plenty of criticism and contempt on social media. Commentary made the rounds regarding the utter waste of time constituting modern awards shows, the somnabulant live performances (Beyoncé and Daft Punk aside), and a polarized debate regarding Macklemore.

Gimme Noise had a few drinks, created our own Twitter hashtag (#GrammyNoise), and got to work both picking apart and praising the Grammys. Here are some of the highlights of our thoughts on the highs and many lows of last night's broadcast.

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And leave it to Trent Reznor to get the emphatic last word on the Grammys, after his performance with Queens of the Stone Age got preempted for poorly timed advertising: