Gramma's Boyfriend gets feral and freaky for new video taping

​For next week's City of Music video, MPLS.TV and Dan Huiting opted to feature a very different side of Haley Bonar's musical persona by filming a song with her punk rock side project Gramma's Boyfriend. 

Dan Huiting tells us how it went down:

[jump] "We shot the Haley Bonar and Gramma's Boyfriend videos on the same night, because all the players are uber-busy playing in a million bands," he says. "It was a challenge to shoot the same band in the same location and make it interesting. So I had the idea to turn the lights out and just wave a spotlight around, like looking for an escaped prisoner or something. That seems to be the vibe anyway. Haley acts like a frickin' feral animal on the loose in this band. Worked out great. The video sort of scares me and almost gives me a seizure. So that's a win."

As with all of Huiting's City of Music videos, you can watch it here first on Tuesday morning when we debut it on Gimme Noise. In the meantime, check out these behind-the-scenes shots by Keith Moechnig and Chris Hadland.