Graham O'Brien drops video featuring Alicia Wiley and Eric Blair


We've written in the past about our excitement over the release of Graham O'Brien's debut album, Live Drums. Since our last missive, O'Brien's record has been picked up by UK label NoEcho, and will be made available on November 27.

[jump] "It is a 'soft' release, meaning there will be no release party at this time," explains O'Brien, "but I'm looking forward to putting a band together early next year for the new songs."

In the meantime, O'Brien collaborated with 15-year-old artist Malone Mischke (who also did the video for O'Brien's group No Bird Sing's "Devil Trombones") to create a beautiful stop-motion animated video for the song "CFC," which features vocals by Alicia Wiley and Eric Blair of No Bird Sing.