Graffiti artist in Strib: "bring it above ground"

class=img_thumbleft> Graffiti artist Chris Allen (the guy onstage at Slum Village and DJ Premier) has gone mainstream with a giant legal wall owned by Clyde Bellecourt and a nod from C.J. in today's Star-Tribune . With work gracing the cover of Industry a few issues back, he's also designing the cover of Unknown Prophets ' forthcoming album. There's not nearly enough documentation of this scene, so get out there with a digital camera and start a website already. Meanwhile, some links at : a nice Google map of Minneapolis graffiti, a short film at Media 2017 (bottom, left), Firestorm Minneapolis graffiti site, some local '90s graffiti , Juxtaposition Arts school, Intermedia Arts gallery, graffiti pages at, local graffiti photos by Meg Holle, Minneapolis graffiti photos at J3s, old photos at the TC Old-School Hip Hop Page , and the police view at the Minneapolis graffiti removal page and the St. Paul anti-graffiti page . Here's an argument I started at DUNation about the artistic merits of tagging. My point stands: Some old buildings are art, too. More discussion at DU.

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