Graffiti artist in Strib: "bring it above ground"

class=img_thumbleft> Graffiti artist

Chris Allen

(the guy onstage at Slum Village and DJ Premier) has gone mainstream with a giant legal wall owned by Clyde Bellecourt and

a nod from C.J. in today's Star-Tribune

. With work gracing the cover of


a few issues back, he's also designing the cover of

Unknown Prophets

' forthcoming album. There's not nearly enough documentation of this scene, so get out there with a digital camera and start a website already. Meanwhile, some links at

: a nice

Google map

of Minneapolis graffiti, a

short film

at Media 2017 (bottom, left),


Minneapolis graffiti site, some local

'90s graffiti


Juxtaposition Arts


Intermedia Arts


graffiti pages

at, local

graffiti photos

by Meg Holle, Minneapolis

graffiti photos

at J3s, old photos at the

TC Old-School Hip Hop Page

, and the police view at the

Minneapolis graffiti

removal page and the

St. Paul anti-graffiti page

. Here's

an argument I started

at DUNation about the artistic merits of tagging. My point stands: Some old buildings are art, too.

More discussion

at DU.

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