Grace Weber divulges on Adele, hipsters, and the Midwest

Success and humility are not synonymous when it comes to many artists, but with  up-and-coming Milwaukee singer/songwriter, Grace Weber, you can bet it is.  Making Brooklyn, New York her home after finishing school at NYU, Grace exclaims, "Coming home to the Midwest is like getting a big hug.  I get to decompress from the hectic pace of the city."  Gimme Noise caught up with the young singer on the morning of her birthday and on the heels of her Minneapolis debut.

[jump] Drawing inspiration from artists like Adele and Norah Jones, Grace embodies the Midwestern work ethics with her unique bluesy aesthetic to come up with her exceptional sound.  With the shift in the music industry, Weber quickly caught on to the DIY model, designing her own merch and finding new and creative to get her music to her fans.  Social networking has been a double-edged sword, "It's been tough to just live in the moment, because as I'm getting on stage I have to remember, 'Oh yeah, I have to snap a picture of myself backstage, then tweet about it.'  Sometimes you have to find that fine line between your personal life and your stage persona."

Along with her hard work, Grace is modest enough to know that she can't do it all herself.  "I like to build a team of people around me; people that I can trust.  Even if I do everything myself, there comes a point where I just hit a wall, and that's when you need those people to be your catalyst."

Minnesota may lay claim to being the most hipster state in the nation, but Brooklyn has the highest concentration.  "When people hear that I lived in New York, they say I must have a lot of fashion sense.  I didn't feel like I had to step up my game until I moved to Brooklyn!  Everyone has so much style."

The feather in her cap was the chance to play the Oprah Winfrey Show, allowing her to showcase her music on another level and emerge in such a saturated market.  Despite this, Grace Weber's talent and hard work are what will ultimately make the audience stand up and take notice.

From her website:

Grace has already done two tours around the country, and dates supporting the fall release of "Hope & Heart" are being scheduled, kicking off in the NYC area and the Midwest.

Check out for music, videos, photos, tour dates and a free download from "Hope & Heart."