Gotye gushes about Prince, Katy Perry jabs Bon Iver at 2013 Grammys

Gotye gushes about Prince, Katy Perry jabs Bon Iver at 2013 Grammys

Aside from an actual victory by the Minnesota-based Okee Dokee Brothers, the 2013 Grammys had a few other moments to amuse Midwestern music fans. The main one, of course, was an appearance by Prince. For those who didn't watch the entire, dragging mess of a hashtag-obsessed show hosted by LL Cool J, these were a few moments that slowed Gimme Noise's rising bile.

After strutting out grandly with his cane in one of the longest introductions of the night, he presented the Grammy for Record of the Year to Gotye and Kimbra -- and then it felt like he was the one receiving the award. In the earlier going, Katy Perry used her moments onstage to give a good-natured jab at Bon Iver.

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"And the Grammy goes to... oh, I love this song," Prince said, after taking off his enormous shades. 'Somebody that I Used to Know,' Gotye,"

Once Gotye and collaborator Kimbra got to the stage, it felt like Gotye was the presenter. "A little bit at a loss for for words to received an award from the man standing here behind us with the cane," he said, obviously beside himself. "Many years listening to this man's music growing up, and a big reason I was inspired to make music. Thank you." However, he said nothing about dropping $1.77 to watch Prince's new "Screwdriver" video right here.

During Katy Perry's introduction to the Best New Artist award, her loud green dress and complete disregard for the clothing regulations set forth proved a tad distracting while she presented her "favorite award of the night."

"If you don't win, don't worry," she said. "I was never even nominated in this category, and I have my own eyelash line. Thank you. Take that, Bon Iver." But Katy, did you have a guitar made out of Bushmills whiskey barrels in your honor? [Gently sets down mic.] 

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