Got $12K? Buy this super-rare Bob Dylan LP

One of five "ultra rare" pressings of <i>Blood on the Tracks</i> on display at Amoeba in Hollywood.

One of five "ultra rare" pressings of Blood on the Tracks on display at Amoeba in Hollywood.

Super-rich Bob Dylan superfans rejoice, an ultra rare copy of the Duluth icon's 1975 album Blood on the Tracks has surfaced and hit the shelves of Amoeba Records Hollywood. The vintage test pressing is claimed to be one of only five surviving copies, and it's cost reflects this scarcity. The record is calling a cool $12,000, the highest price tag the vinyl-selling legend has affixed in their 25-year history.

Amoeba acquired the album after purchasing a 4,000-piece lot from a New Jersey collection. Amoeba's pricey copy of Blood on the Tracks includes unreleased outtakes of "Lily, Rosemary & The Jack Of Hearts," "Idiot Wind," "If You See Her, Say Hello," and "Tangled Up In Blue" as well as a cut of "You’re a Big Girl Now” that was previously included on the 1985 box set Biograph.

Astute Minneapolitan back-patters will note that this particular version of Blood on the Tracks was recorded at A&R Recording in New York and printed by Columbia Records in California, skipping the gravelly troubadour's home state in the process. According to Amoeblog — Amoeba's bitchingly-named blog — Dylan's brother David Zimmerman listened to this print of Blood on the Tracks and convinced his sibling to re-record five of the album's 10 tracks, which Dylan did at Minneapolis' Sound 80 studio.

While that fact may devalue the item in the eyes of North Star loyalists, but the fact is that the record will remain in the store's Hollywood (shudder) racks until some folksy Minnesotan millionaire forks over the cash to bring it home.

We're looking at you, Barbara Carlson Gage, co-owner of Carlson Inc., net worth $4 billion. Make local music fans proud and pony up.