Gospel Gossip's "Nashville" reviewed on Pitchfork


Gospel Gossip: feel good now.

Netting favor in the Twin Cities has been a breeze for the intensely melodic trio Gospel Gossip-- their debut full length Sing Into My Mouth topped nearly every short list of best releases our local media offered in 2008, and they've featured more than once on the holiest of holies, the First Avenue Main Room stage.

Impressing those eternally cross-armed, sunglasses-in-a-dark-nightclub critics at Pitchfork Media, however, is something that has eluded even the most traveled and storied acts our cities have churned out (Tapes 'n Tapes are still rubbing their jaws from the butterfly sucker punches they weathered for 2008's The Loon).

But "Nashville," the first single off of Gospel Gossip's forthcoming Dreamland EP, received lavish praise from the music blog in a third-act post yesterday afternoon, and is currently streaming onsite.

Oh, Pitchfork carries it off with typical back-handedness (natch). Praise for the single (which is outstanding, by the by) is set against a splatterpaint of lackadaisical derision for Sing's unevenness and "sickeningly precious" overtures.

But, bushwhack through the low-hanging fronds and you'll find some quite genuine and, daresay, astute criticism of the new track. In particular, the drumming of Ollie Moltaji receives some especial flattery-- "Blunt force, not mere ballast" goes Jonathon Garret's review. Much needed proof that Pitchfork, every so often, can still smell a true gem when it comes along.

Now, when can we expect their 0.2 review of Andrew W. K.'s I Get Wet to be overturned?

And by the way-- don't feel like giving Pitchfork the traffic? "Nashville" is the top song on Gospel Gossip's Myspace page.