Gospel Gossip tonight at Sauce



In the family portrait of our ever-growing music scene, Sauce Soundbar on Lake and Lyndale is the Doogie Howser. The fresh-faced, expertly dressed over-achiever. The youngster who's already got a grand in his savings account.

That corner has always been a ground zero for local, upwardly mobile dynamos (read:douchebags), and every Uptown girl knows the sting of being cat called by the salsa dudes in front of the late La Bodega on their way to the BLB.

But Sauce, despite its overly fine appearance and questionable name and title, is really making a go of converting that corner from its fake-tan, bleached-teeth past into a tatted-up rock and roll hotspot. Tonight's Gospel Gossip/Lookbook show is just the most pertinent of its burgeoning summer calendar.

We don't mean to be too hard on that corner. And we certainly aren't trying to doom Sauce before it's even got its legs under it. But there's some weird juju at work on that corner. From Cyber X (remember internet cafes?) and La Bodega, there's always been something generally unsightly about that piece of property. Go figure-- one would think that such a hot corner would go to those with the taste and foresight not to squander it.

Regarding the show-- Lookbook is a definite contender for some major local exposure. We've printed plenty about the dynamic duo, but there's always more to say about music this appealing. And Lookbook are young masters of the sneaky pop song that manages to gut punch you when you aren't looking. There's a chill in them thar veins, some ice water running through those notes, and it gives their synth throwbacks a major mental life.

Gospel Gossip? Give it a year, and these kids will be a national property. Their most recent album is a work of great maturation, and the trajctory they're on is positively galactic.

So come on out. Support what's good. Fight the good fight-- don't let Lake and Lyndale revert to its tube-top and plaid shorts past.

21+. 9:30 P.M. With Zoo Animal. Sauce Soundbar, 3001 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis.