Gospel Gossip announce album release show


After a year that saw a grip of successful local activity and national excursions, a favorable mention on Pitchfork, and year long whispers of a follow up to Gospel Gossip's 2007 full length Sing Into My Mouth, the facts have finally fallen.

On Friday, June 26, the haunting and melodic three piece will release their 6 song record Dreamland at the Turf Club, with Lookbook and Mute Era in support.

Gospel Gossip performing live on 89.3's Local Show.

In addition to the requisite CD package, there's a little more to the collector. The album is also being offered on white vinyl, presented in lovingly handcrafted sleeves.

You get the CD with this package as well. But it's a much more tactile, hands-on way to enjoy Gospel Gossip. Act fast, though-- there's only 200 copies, and, if the hub bub that still surrounds Sing Into My Mouth is any indication, they are not long for this world.

Gospel Gossip has chosen their supporting acts wisely-- Lookbook and Mute Era don't have too much in common with one another (or with Gospel Gossip, for that matter), but they share a common ancestry-- all three bands are obsessively preoccupied with melody and texture. And while Lookbook operates in an 80s soft synth, and Mute Era in a netherworld where ESG dropped too much acid and blew their paychecks on loop pedals, the sum total is a glory of composition and melody.

Even better? The release show comes with a few companion performances and events, including an all ages show at Treehouse on Saturday, June 27, and a listening party at the 501 on Sunday, June 21st, featuring a performance by Kitten Forever.

Get to these shows. Your ears will thank you.