Goofy golf, beautiful struggle, and May Day memories in this week’s Top MN music videos

Dwynell Roland, golfer.

Dwynell Roland, golfer.

Spring means fertility, and these are fecund times indeed in the Twin Cities.

After three months of hibernation, local musicians have awoken with a vengeance. Winter is hardly a season of rest for our homegrown artists; the seeds they planted under the snow are now sprouting into life.

More albums are coming out right now than at any point so far this year, and this week’s Local Frames is a peek over the horizon. These five artists and the work they’re putting out in the near future give us plenty to look forward to.

Dwynell Roland – “Control It”

Everyone knows Dwynell Roland can rap, but did you know he can golf? In his new video for “Control It,” the wacky young rapper hits the golf course as well as Can Can Wonderland to show off his skills on the links. Milkflms directs as a blonde-wigged Roland tours around on a golf cart with his crew making putts while he unreels his bars over a Regal the Rare beat. Roland’s new album Young Roland drops June 1.

Yam Haus – “West Coast” (PREMIERE)

“In a universe of stories left undone, can you believe that you’ve been given what you want?” That is the question which which Minneapolis pop newcomers Yam Haus lead their debut album, Stargazer. The record is a reflection on lead singer Lars Pruitt’s quest to find meaning in the midst of heartbreak, and “West Coast” the purest distillation of that effort. The self-directed video shows the boys in the band as they pass through the seasons, goofing around to distract themselves from the pain. Stargazer releases June 8, and Yam Haus will celebrate one week later with a June 15 show at Amsterdam.

Divide the Fall – “Our Existence”

With their squeaky clean vocals and sludgy guitars, Divide the Fall bridge the gap between radio-ready alt-rock and underground metal. The band just released a self-titled EP of adrenaline-swelling anthems, and “Our Existence” is the best of the bunch. Trevor Sweeney Media’s video for the song only captures a modicum of Divide the Fall’s intensity, but it’ll be enough to make you remember this high-energy band on the come up.

Tufawon ft. Lady Midnight and Mixie D – “Cambia La Tema”

Rapper/activist Tufawon brings Powderhorn Park’s May Day celebration to life in his new 360-degree video for “Cambia La Tema.” Joined by Mixie D and Lady Midnight, Tufawon revives the carnivalesque spirit of the day while encouraging listeners not to forget the event’s message of love and inclusivity. Scroll around and enjoy the scene as three of the Twin Cities’s most thoughtful artists fill the airwaves with unbridled positivity.

BDaMan – “Beauty in the Struggle”

So much hip-hop glorifies the struggle, and often that means celebrating the illegal activities it takes to get by. But Minneapolis rapper BDaMan reflects more deeply on the circumstances that have allowed him to develop his artistry on “Beauty in the Struggle.” The uplifting song is a treatise on BDaMan’s past misdeeds and regrets, brought beautifully to life over a Gazda beat with gorgeous vocals from Kjerstin “KJ” Hagen. Jonathan Kramer directs the video, which was filmed at River Rock Studios. “Beauty in the Struggle” comes from BDaMan’s upcoming album Introspective Journals.

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