Goodnight Loving release 'Nothing Conquers Us'

The 7" Review blog has seen its share of punk bands of late--in large part because that's a genre that utilizes the short-play format more frequently. This edition brings a little more variety to the table in Milwaukee's The Goodnight Loving. The band just released a full-length companion to their Nothing Conquers Us 7" on Dirtnap Records.

"Nothing Conquers Us" is a '60s Britpop-tinged take on garage rock. It doesn't smash any guitars or exhibit any spit-in-your-face shtick, but relies on a deep-rooted sense of melody as classic as the Beatles or the Beach Boys. The titular titled opener is a powerful and catchy three-minute number out of Ray Davies' songbook, and will have you singing along and tapping your foot on first listen. Rather than focus on sheer volume and distortion, The Goodnight Loving rely on tuneful craftsmanship and timeless lyrics devoid of pop culture allusions.

"Scary Bad" may be the B-side, but it's just as solid as its predecessor. Again, the guitars are the centerpoint of the songwriting, with danceable breakdowns and simple, memorable refrains that bore into your skull. For an added bonus, the record comes with a download code (including a video).

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