Goodbye Lucy Grey murder gender in this week's Top 5 MN music videos

Goodbye Lucy Grey have yet to meet a gender they won't bend.

Goodbye Lucy Grey have yet to meet a gender they won't bend.

It's hard to write about music right now.

The continued social upheaval in St. Paul following the killing of Philando Castile by a police officer last week has rendered everything else in Minnesota pretty trite. It doesn't feel right to focus on anything else. But I was sitting at the State Capitol yesterday, listening to artist after artist reflect on the violence, hate, and misunderstanding, and it dawned on me: 

Our music scene is our greatest asset in unification.

It's a wellspring of inspiration and empowerment. Yesterday, it brought together mohawked 12-year-olds, black grandmothers, and suburban teens in a show of unity that, if you read the Star Tribune comment section too much, might've seemed impossible.

It might seem tacky to commemorate the tragic death of a good man with food trucks and a music festival, but it's just the community mourning in the way we know how. In the words of P.O.S from yesterday, "All I know how to do is rap and be a good dude, so I'm gonna do that."

Goodbye Lucy Grey — "New Shampoo"

"No loves you like I do" is kind of a loaded statement. On the one hand, it's a dramatic and romantic sentiment about devotion — as statement about the uniqueness of two peoples' connection. But it's also a threat.

That's how St. Cloud hardcore band Goodbye Lucy Grey see it. In the new video for "New Shampoo," they take on the role of the scorned lover out for revenge. The gender-swapped band exact their vengeance on all the pretty women they can find to help resolve the frustration of unrequited love.

The song comes from the band's June album, Beautifully Broken, and the video is directed by Chris Christensen.

Astronomique — "Masquerade" (PREMIERE)

Last time we heard from Astronomique, they were having some fun with cheesy archival footage to promote their self-titled EP. Now, the '80s VHS hounds are back at it for their video "Masquerade."

But this time, they're not reworking lycra to upbeat synthpop. "Masquerade" is far more disenchanted, with washed-out visions of the world playing along to the song's stark lyrics. That doesn't mean there's no funk to the track. It's a definitive Era of Excess call to dance your way through the megamall until the pain subsumes.

Astronomique play July 20 at the Amsterdam with Mobly and the Peach Kings. They'll also be doing an in-studio at Radio K on August 12.

Clementine — "Evergreens" (Live at the Bad Racket Studio)

Bad Racket Studios in Cleveland routinely invite touring bands into their confines for a live performance before the big gig. Minneapolis garage-pop band Clementine are the first Twin Cities locals to take residence in the studio, and they gave a rousing turn on their song "Evergreens," the spirited opener from their April LP Truth Mattress.

Almost entrancingly shot and with supreme sound quality, the video is an exceptional watch. It's rare that you get to hear and see a local band in such professional parameters. Though this doesn't mean there's a ton of gloss — Clementine are at their best when there's a layer of rust and grit on the vocals and guitars.

But this isn't exactly the type of show experience you'd get at the dive bars Clementine commonly play. Like the Hexagon, for example, where the hometowners will play on July 14.

Dave Rave and the Governors — "Chemical"

Word up to the old school. Dave Rave is a legendary Canadian musician who's been active since the mid-1970s in bands such as Teenage Head and the Dave Rave Conspiracy. Now he's gigging with a band of Minnesotans he calls the Governors, and they're selling their grizzled glory-days garage rock on the back of single "Chemical."

The video, which is the work of 612im, shows the vets on stage in a neon-lit 7th St. Entry, hamming it up and having a good-ass time. The song itself is a beachy, carefree melody that begs you to pogo dance along.

It comes from the band's latest Radio Rave, which dropped on June 10.

Dave Rave + The Governors - Radio Rave "Chemical" from 612im on Vimeo.

Allan Kingdom — "Fables" (feat. Chronixx)

St. Paul's Allan Kingdom is making the best music of his career, so it's only fitting that he's now dropped the best music video of his career. For the song "Fables," off his Northern Lights EP, Kingdom heads to Jamaica to shoot some glimpses of the natural wonder of the country that's so roundly influenced his style.

It just so happens that Jamrock is the home to featured artist Chronixx, who joins Kingdom in the waterfalls and sugar cane fields for a brief and tender appearance. Many props go to director Martin C. Pariseau, who creates a romantic vision of Jamaica in his lush and glorious shots of the countryside.

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