Good luck getting Mark Mallman's infectiously wacky Taco John's jingle out of your head

Mark Mallman, left, and a stack of TJ's tacos

Mark Mallman, left, and a stack of TJ's tacos Wilson Webb; Facebook (Taco John's)

In the pantheon of taco-related ad jingles, Taco John's "Whole Lotta Mexican" campaign ranks with the all-time greats. But local piano-rocker Mark Mallman dialed up a contender with "Taco Taco Taco."

It's the latest regional TV spot for Taco John's, the Wyoming-headquartered fast-food joint with a heavy Midwestern presence, and it's an earworm of the highest order.

In it, Mallman, a veteran of the Twin Cities music scene, plucks away as his delightfully hammed-up vocals explain the basics: Taco John's combo includes three tacos ("Taco! Taco! Taco!"), Potato Olés, plus a soft drink. It'll get ya full for $6, he promises. 

An active TV/film composer since 2002, Mallman says he was approached last fall about creating the jingle. 

"My composing work for film and TV gives me the chance to express myself in ways that I might not otherwise do in a formal album situation," he explains. "The Taco John's song is fun and light, as any good jingle should be."

Mallman is unsure how often the ad airs, but fans noticed it this past Sunday during the NFL's wild-card games, he reports. "I'm happy with it," Mallman says of "Taco Taco Taco," adding, "And come on, Potato Olés are awesome!"


Outside of his taco salesmanship, Mallman maintains a solo career. Click here to explore the muses that contributed to The End Is Not the End, his deeply personal magnum opus from 2016. You can catch him live on March 17 at Icehouse in Minneapolis. 

While we're on the subject of Taco John's ads, please enjoy this WTF classic from the YouTube vaults: