God Damn Doo Wop Band car stolen!

The God Damn Doo Wop Band, photographed by kelociraptor.

Good evening Mr. and Mrs. America, and all our ships at sea.

This just in from INTERPOL (by that, of course we mean Switchblade Comb), still coming over the wire-- the God Damn Doo Wop Band has had their car, replete with merch and gear, nabbed, likely from the West Bank.

Read on, crimestoppers, and help your countrymen in their time of need!

Police artist's sketch of the car in question.

This dispatch, straight from Kat Naden, founder and vocalist for the group:

My car got stolen along with all our merch and drums.

If anyone in Minneapolis wants to keep and eye out it's a black 1994 Honda Accord. The bumper's missing, the windshield is cracked, there's a hole in one of the seams for the tailpipe so it's loud as fuck, and it has a patch of unpainted metal on the right side covering a rust hole and is held on with duct tape. It's a pretty sweet ride, so I can understand why someone would want to steal it.

Hopefully whoever stole it hasn't gone in the trunk and are just using it for joyriding and it'll be like when my buddy Ross's car got stolen and it'll get recovered with a free Master P c.d. in it. It was outside of the Triple Rock last night around 9pm, so the west bank is suspect.

I don't know what kind the drums were, but they were just a dark brown wood, along with a high hat, crash, and ride and all of the stands. Oh, and there were fireworks. I bought fireworks for my kid and some jagoff stole em. God I hate people. Ugh. What a great thing to have happen after playing The Hold Steady show. The show was fucking awesome, and then this bullshit.

Based on Mz. Naden's description, Gimme Noise is posting a composite photograph (see above). Vigilant readers who spot the car are urged to contact the band via their Myspace.

Hit the streets and recover some shit! This is Gimme Noise signing off.