Go Get 'Em Tiger throw a toyland rager in this week's Top 5 MN music videos

Go Get 'Em Tiger cruise through a wacky dreamworld.

Go Get 'Em Tiger cruise through a wacky dreamworld.

We're at dead sprint into the best music months of the year. Music is in season like fuckin' rhubarb.

You basically can't go two days without something important in local music. With new albums dropping left and right, new bands exploding into existence, and festivals playing at every corner from Seward to Nordeast. It's a great time to be a music fan in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

But don't forget that, every week, a dozen or so notable locals drop new visuals for us to enjoy. We've got you every single Monday, when you're furthest away from the next bit of sweet, sweet sun-soaked musical enjoyment, pumping the freshest Twin Cities music videos into your monitor while you sweat it out in your cubicle. 

Go Get 'Em, Tiger — "Kicks on the Wire"

Go Get 'Em, Tiger have been teasing the kind of good time they can bring for nearly a year. Their spacey single, "Kicks on the Wire," was named No. 35 on 89.3 the Current's Top 89 Local Songs of 2015, and now the Twin Cities electro duo has put that charming little gem to film.

The video for "Kicks" follows a wayward dollhouse as the plastic denizens throw a kegger and start hooking up. There's puking, makeouts, fistfights, and Legos. It's a perfect aesthetic for the goofy pair, as their forthcoming EP, Straight to Laserdisc (our June 24), telegraphs a few more nonsensically fun jams to come.

C-Silence — "Can’t Hold Myself Down"

Duluth's rap scene is a little slept on, and that's why North Shore rapper C-Silence aims to bring up the profile of the Air-Conditioned City hip-hop. His newest single, "Can't Hold Myself Down," features Silence running through hard-edged bars while roaming the streets of his hometown, melding the image of him determinedly typing up verses on the bus directly into the fabric of the city. 

Directed by Brandon St. Germain and with cinematography by Manny Villanueva, the video is nearly a tourism ad for Duluth, with vibrant streets captured with an almost adoring lens. 

Can't Hold Myself Down - CSilence from Manny Villanueva on Vimeo.

SickDaPunchliner — "Family" (Ft. Bossman)

Loyalty is one of the highest values in hip-hop for a reason. The more dangerous the individual, the more fierce his loyalty. If the video for "Family" is to be believed, SickDaPunchliner is a dangerous man, and thus he's willing to get violent any time someone disrespects his inner circle.

Punchliner (who is basically a Local Frames regular at this point) enlists fellow Twin Cities rapper Bossman to deliver the message in the Hi-Def-directed video. With an overloaded Auto-Tune setting that makes the mellifluous chorus seem more menacing with every repeat, Punchliner and Bossman whip out automatics to exact their revenge — even though the results of their run-in won't be seen until Punchliner's next video.

Hi-Fi Cali — "Ocean Love"

Speaking of Local Frames regulars, Chris Bartels returns to our roundup after we featured his Bora York video two weeks ago. This time, it's with beachy electro duo Hi-Fi Cali, which is Bartels alongside drummer Bjorn Nilsen, doing a live version of their upcoming single "Ocean Love" at Honey back in May.

The pair will officially release the single on June 10, with an EP coming this fall. Bartels looks to be a busy dude, but if he keeps putting out breathy wondertunes like this one and the stuff we've heard from Bora York, it'll be a very welcomed spell of creativity. 

Soundset '16 Cypher live on Sway in the Morning

OK, I know I was just talking shit about music festivals like two weeks ago, but there doesn't have to be a conflict between good local vids and outdoor music experiences. Case in point, this amazing video of local rappers tearing up a freestyle cypher on Sway in the Morning at Soundset last week.

Sway has served as host of Soundset for years, and this year, he gave some of the hungriest rhymers in the Land of 10,000 Lakes the chance to show their skills during a live taping at Fifth Element. Represented among the "hyenas" (as Sway calls them) are Why Khaliq, Rich Garvey, Lucien Parker, Tony Bones, Mike Dreams, and Mike the Martyr.

There's a ton more — the video is 35 goddamn minutes long — but there's not a performance to be missed in the bunch.

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