Gnome butts, isolation rituals, and Tijuana drug deals in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

A scene from the Band Famous' “Emotional Scatter.”

A scene from the Band Famous' “Emotional Scatter.” YouTube

You may have noticed that, this year, there were no unranked ballots in Picked to Click.

The annual local music contest has been handcuffed with indecision for the past half-decade. Instead of awarding artists 1 to 5 points based on your favor, people were given the option to award 3 points to five different artists, rendering the order irrelevant.

The centrists among the music community embraced this option, insisting that “art cannot be ranked,” which of course is a fallacy. Art can indeed be ranked, and the very point of a contest is that you provide a judgment. 2019’s Picked to Click winners were chosen with conviction.

The Band Famous – “Emotional Scatter” (PREMIERE)

Self-produced trip-hop group the Band Famous exist to uplift you, even if they sound a bit wacky when they do. They may not be self-actualized enough to dispense good advice, but their new single “Emotional Scatter” tries, dammit. Directed by TBF members Norell and Zander, the video tries to play motivational speaker, but when the band mixes in goofy lyrics and a mooning gnome toy, it’s hard to take them totally seriously. Which might be the point: Stop taking yourself so seriously and enjoy the jam. TBF will be performing their new record Awakening in full on November 30. Follow them on social media to get the deets on the location and the streaming info.

MaLLy – “Anymore”

Not sure if you’ve heard, but MaLLy is back, and he’s rapping with vintage aplomb. The video for “Anymore” tracks the spiritual rapper’s return from isolation back to the spotlight. MaLLy says that the Jason Ho-directed visual “symbolizes the complete rebirth of [his] artistry and humanity,” encapsulating the process that brought him to his re-debut record The Journey to a Smile. Driven by a cheerful PC beat, MaLLy sounds more determined than ever, and the retreat has helped him shake the doubts he once had.

Frog and Andtoad – “The Hunger”

Frog and Andtoad are just a couple dogs, and like dogs, they have an unending hunger. But their hunger is for money. In the video for “The Hunger,” the rapping duo take to the streets, selling out of their trunk just to keep the lights on. Rojo Rodriguez fixes the camera on the pair as the evening turns into a blur. “The Hunger” is from Frog and Andtoad’s September LP Placebo and Chill.

Seaberg and the Black Velvet Punks – “Jaded Dreams”

Seaberg and the Black Velvet Punks had a good showing in Picked to Click this year, garnering 18 points though still finishing outside the winner’s circle. Voters may want to reconsider their choices after viewing the band’s new video for “Jaded Dreams.” Seaberg and her jam-happy band of conspirators stage their show in a tinsel-decked basement, with director Ryan Stopera zooming in on their individual talents as they play. Bitch, it’s classy. Seaberg and the Black Velvet Punks will be accepting all apologies in person on December 13 at Part Wolf.

Student 1 – “Early Tyler Caves”

You ever wonder what it’d be like if backpack-wearing rapper Student 1 had his own low-budget late-night television show? Wonder no more. On the new single for “Early Tyler Caves,” Stu takes a Letmode beat and treats it like the theme tune for his very own Wayne’s World-esque basement talk show. Directors Ice God MacGyver and Jay Kastle and animator Wealthy Relative make the dream come true in absurd unreality. While Stu punches out line after line, they dress him as host, interviewee, and even house band.

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