Global Village "retiring?"


Cedar Avenue's Global Village outpost, as photographed by tromasbronot.

The news broke in the predawn hours yesterday, in an ignominious, uninformative, but firm statement through their Facebook page-- Global Village, which has been situated on Minneapolis' West Bank for as long as University twenty-somethings can possibly recall, is closing its doors.

Verbatim, from the merchant's Facebook event invite:

"Global Village is Retiring! After over 30 years, Global Village is retiring! Come in to find your treasures! Sale started Feb. 16th. Store will close March 31st."

Retiring is an odd word for a multi-branch, multi-city local business entity, but, when you're the one closing your doors, you can call it whatever you want.

Global Village's official website, which, admittedly, looks as if it hasn't seen an update since the internet was just a method for university professors to exchange lab results, makes no mention of the closing, doesn't mention the fates of its Hennepin and Duluth branches, and gives no hint as to the cause of the closing. In fact, no additional information of any kind is offered in the event invite.

But one can only imagine the impact that this blistering economic climate has had upon the market for wooden bead necklaces. Connoisseurs of hemp anklets and flowing, indigo robes now have but two choices-- stand in stunned reproach, or flock to the store for untold discounts while the doors are still open.