Give Radio K some money


Some radio stations have relentless on-air pledge drives, multiple donation executives, and blue-blood benefactors. Other radio stations are slaves to their corporate masters, schilling for Wedding Day Diamonds and Subway every 15 minutes. 

Radio K — the student-run radio station of the University of Minnesota — is neither. 

Based out of the dingy Rarig Center tower, the plucky (I imagine they're plucky, how could they not be?) cast of radio upstarts plays whatever the hell they want, doing it for the love, for the experience, because they can. The playlists are wide-ranging; the emphasis is on rising local talent. It's the best radio station in the Twin Cities, according to us.

Now that we've established exactly how you should frame Radio K in your heart and mind, it's time to fork over some cash. The truly independent station is in the thick of its annual fundraising effort, having already raised more than half of its $30,000 goal. As the Radio K website phrases it: "Keep independent media strong. Keep local programming local. Keep new bands rocking and local music vibrant. Give the kids a chance. They’re alright."

The various donation tiers offer lots of neat thank-you gifts, including branded lip balm, pom-pom winter hats, and vinyl mixtapes. The "College Rock God" package ($1,007) gifts access to a future in-studio performance. (Semi-related: Community-focused radio station KFAI is also going hard at its fall membership drive; house parties are among the goodies.) 

But don't take our word for it. Here's a very convincing plea for bucks from recent in-studio performer Wealthy Relative: