Gimme Noise's Erik Hess has a photo show tonight

Give us five! Our esteemed photographer Erik Hess, who recently provided a wealth of

delightful GIFs

and other visual stimuli

from this past weekend's Rock the Garden

, has made it big. Well, he has made some of his

favorite photos

big, and they're on display on some public walls.

We'd be remiss not to provide a brief urging to those who enjoy his slideshows on Gimme Noise and promotional work for artists including the Goondas, Pink Mink, the Idle Hands, Cloud Cult and Graham O'Brien to head out tonight to experience a select grouping of images on a grander scale. We'll also semi-invite those Stan-like creatures who are not-so-secretly hording the copies of NME, Village Voice, and other reputable publications where his work appears too.

From Erik: "Come see my favorite rock photo work from the last year or so at my favorite Thai place ever!  Sen Yai Sen Lek's happy hour will be in effect from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.! Come eat, drink and be merry."

One programming note: Sen Yai Sen Lek is located on Central Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis, and there's the Northeast Parade going on until about 10 p.m., which will block up that street. Clever parking strategies are advised.

The photos will be displayed at the restaurant until late September, but tonight should be a festive chance to see them and pat this guy on the back for a lot of excellent work.

Erik Hess Rock Photo Art Show. 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Tuesday, June 19 at Sen Yai Sen Lek, 2422 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis. RSVP here.

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