Gimme News Weekly Wrap-Up: Nov. 9-13


From the City Pages:

-- The Mood Swings set to release third album, Recessionista

"Twin Cities band proves meat-and-potatoes rock is still tasty."

-- BruteHeart Brass Beads review

-- The Songs We Can't Escape feat. Girls, Twig Harper, Hive Mind, Lil Wayne & Virginial Volcanoes.


-- Herb Alpert and Loni Hall at the Dakota

-- Dirty Projectors illuminate the Cedar

-- Solid Gold: The early days

-- All Access: Solid Gold as karaoke pirates

-- Solid Gold: Live in Brooklyn and Minneapolis

-- Har Mar Superstar, Look Book, and Koo Koo Kangaroo at Varsity

Monday, November 9:

-- Kiss at the Target Center: Blood, greasepaint, and drunk moms

-- Mountain Goats work the crowd at the Cedar

-- Steely Dan at the Northrop: I saw your parents drunk!

-- Off With Their Heads release Live at the Atlantic, Vol. II

-- Cloud Cult to offer expanded re-issues next month

Tuesday, November 10:

-- Mayda goes acoustic on new EP

-- Lookbook tops Electric Fetus's top 10

-- Solid Gold take over U Otter Stop Inn

-- Solid Gold: Reporter's Notebook

-- The Current's Barb Abney shares her Solid Gold stories

Wednesday, November 11:

-- In Defence: the Gimme Noise interview

-- Felt 3: more behind the scenes footage

Thursday, November 12:

-- Benefit for Beth announced

-- Farewell Milwaukee: Band to watch

-- Dirty Projectors perform acrobatics at the Cedar

-- Lifter Puller announce reissues

Friday, November 13:

-- The Moon Goons introduce 'Forever Young' Friday

-- Owl City footed PJs now available

-- Lazerbeak to speak at the Whole next week

-- Solid Gold footage from Brooklyn shows